Music video of Cardi B's latest single 'Press' out now

Jun 27, 2019

New Delhi, June 27 (ANI): American pop star Cardi B just released a fiery music video of her latest song 'Press' on YouTube. According to E-News, the 26-year-old rapper pushes the boundaries of fashion, beauty and entertainment. In the risqué and sultry cover of the single, the singer is portrayed in handcuffs walking out of a courthouse in her birthday suit. The music video is even more thought-provoking than her look. The four-minute video opens with her making out with another woman during a threesome. Afterwards, she shoots them, which later lands her in court. But that's just the beginning. The video also touches on a few sensitive topics that the singer has tried to address before, like being overly criticized, chastised and watched. Like most of the pop star's earlier music videos, 'Press' is also high on fashion. Cardi B has donned a printed, colourful silk outfit and fur before changing into an all-white ensemble. Even her eyebrows are dyed white to match her look. The music video is gaining a lot of attention on social media among the fans. It amassed more than 100,000 views on YouTube in just 10 minutes.