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US Congresswoman Omar Urges Biden Administration to Cancel Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Jan 13, 2021

Washington (US), January 13: The incoming Biden administration, after taking power on January 20, must cancel outgoing President Donald Trump's arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to Democratic House Representative Ilhan Omar at a virtual forum hosted by the Stimson Center.
Earlier this year, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to bypass congressional approval on the $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In November 2020, the US State Department in the wake of the Abraham Accords approved a $23 billion weapons sale to the UAE. The administration of US President Barack Obama, whom Joe Biden served as vice president, offered the Saudis over $100 billion in arms sales.
US policymakers had divorced issues of supporting allies maintaining human rights values and as a result had increasingly isolated their own country in the world, Omar said.
Omar said the incoming Biden administration should set red lines on arms sales and that Congress should insist on an active oversight role on all arms sales to foreign nations while inserting itself into foreign policy decision-making on such issues.
Source: Sputnik