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Tanzanian president launches agriculture program for youth

Mar 21, 2023

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], March 21: Tanzanian President SamiaSuluhu Hassan on Monday officially launched an agriculture program aimed at engaging the youth in large-scale farming.
Hassan launched the program called "Building a Better Tomorrow" at Chamwino State House in the capital Dodoma. The program is aimed at enhancing the engagement of youth in the agricultural sector for sustainable and improved livelihoods.
Hassan urged more than 800 youths that have been selected for the first phase implementation of the program to work tirelessly by adhering to the best agronomic practices to be imparted to them by the extension officers.
Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe said more than 20,000 young applicants showed interest in joining the first phase of the program, but only 812 youths were selected, adding that more will be picked in the coming phases. Selected youth will be allocated up to 10 acres of land each, which they will end up owning.
The innovative government program, which focuses on young men and women, has established a Youth Guarantee Scheme and Loan Facility under the Agricultural Input Trust Fund.
Hassan said her administration will continue allocating enough funding to agricultural programs to boost the production of key food and economic crops.
Source: Xinhua