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Social media awash with 'All eyes on Rafah'

May 30, 2024

Tel Aviv [Israel], May 30: An image with the text "All eyes on Rafah" is on every other Instagram story, dominating social media discourse on Israel's war on Gaza.
Here's more about the trend and the image, which has been re-shared on more than 40 million Instagram stories since Monday, a day after Israel's deadly offensive on Gaza's Rafah.
"All eyes on Rafah" is an image with a slogan calling attention to the situation in Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip near the border with Egypt. After the beginning of Israel's war on Gaza, Israel began bombing it from the north and moved down, displacing Palestinians from their homes as they fled south to seek shelter.
By February, about half of Gaza's 2.3 million population had been pushed into Rafah when Israel said it planned to launch a ground operation on Rafah, claiming four brigades of Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs the Strip, were there.
The announcement was condemned worldwide. In February, Richard "Rik" Peeperkorn, WHO representative for Gaza and the occupied West Bank, said "all eyes" are on the impending Rafah offensive. It is believed that "All eyes on Rafah" was picked up from his statement.
Since then, the slogan has appeared on protest posters and other social media posts.
On Sunday, two days after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to halt its offensive on Rafah, Israeli bombardment killed at least 45 people in al-Mawasi in western Rafah, which was previously declared a safe zone.
Another Israeli strike killed 21 in a displacement camp west of Rafah on Tuesday, at least 12 of those killed were women. Air attacks were reported on Wednesday morning.
Israel has killed at least 36,171 people in Gaza since October 7, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.
The AI-generated image shows an aerial view of a camp set out in orderly rows of tents, nestled between what look like snowy peaks. In the middle, some lighter-coloured tents are arranged to spell out "All eyes on Rafah". A clear blue sky with cotton-ball clouds is in the background.
Besides Instagram, the image has also been re-shared on X. (Al Jazeera)
Source: Qatar Tribune