(L to R) Jehangir HC Jehangir, Chairman, Jehangir Hospital, Dr Aniket Mohite Heamto-Oncologist and Rukhsshana and Meher M Anklesaria inaugurating the Bone Marrow Unit at Jehangir Hospital

Jehangir Hospital launches State of the Art Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

Mar 20, 2023

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 20 (ANI/PNN): Jehangir Hospital announced the launch of its state-of-the-art Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. The department aims to provide the best of services to everyone by acquiring the best in class facilities, technology and equipment, and this has only been possible with the generosity of Ruksshana and Meher Ankesaria, who dedicated it to their late parents Taz and Naval Nariman.
The Bone Marrow Transplant unit at Jehangir Hospital is completely patient-centric and well-designed keeping the criticality and hygiene that is required for a patient with high standards of infection control policy in terms of multiple checks. The unit is well equipped with hepa filter positive pressure monitored rooms for adult and pediatric also for malignant and non-malignant.
This robust set-up hosts best in class equipment and is a 3-bedded unit to accommodate multiple patients, if needed. A Bone marrow transplant is a long procedure which requires 40 - 60 days of admission and this BMT unit has a comfortable provision for the patient attendant as well. A team of specially BMT trained Consultants, nurses, housekeeping staff, clinical pharmacologists and dietician along with An in-house transfusion medicine department will be available round the clock. The state-of-the-art equipments include Multipara monitors that are designed to display multiple information about a patient including ECG, Spo2, Pulse rate, NIBP, Temperature, etc., Infusion Pump that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient's body in controlled amounts, Syringe Pump to deliver a very small amount of medications, mechanically moving the piston of a syringe to send medication into IV tubing, a Defibrillator, Biosafety cabinet Class II provides a sterile environment when working with biological specimens, i.e. peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cell lines, Plasma Thawing Bath for rapid and uniform thawing of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) bags at 37°C and Minus 80 degree Freezer.
Jehangir Hospital comes with a rich legacy of 78 years of ethics, compassion and service to the community and with the rising numbers of blood and blood cancers today, this bone marrow transplant unit aims to cater to the unmet needs of society. Dr Aniket Mohite, Hemato-Oncologist at Jehangir Hospital said, "Bone Marrow Transplant being a curative option for many patients, the BMT unit at Jehangir hospital will serve patients from all parts of Maharashtra and National and International patients at large. This unit will cater to pediatrics as well as adult patients of leukemia, lymphoma myeloma as well as thalassemia, aplastic anemia and bone marrow failure syndromes. It's a new milestone set up with the support of the entire family of Jehangir hospital."
Dr Vibha Bafna, Consultant Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist at Jehangir hospital added, "I wish to congratulate Jehangir hospital and the team. It is a huge leap ahead and the need of the hour. I am sure many patients will benefit with this state-of-the-art Bone Marrow Transplant Unit which has been launched in our hospital."
Dr Shashikant Patil, HOD - the Department of Transfusion Medicine at Jehangir Hospital said, "The department of Transfusion Medicine is well equipped to provide efficient support to the BMT program. During the process of ABO-incompatible bone marrow transplant, the blood group of the patient gets changed according to the donor. In such cases we need to provide specific blood components of specific blood groups, to cater to this we also have an advanced immune hematology laboratory. The leukodepleted blood component and irradiated blood component provide extra support to the BMT unit and patients. Along with this red cell antibody screening and identification techniques are also standardized which plays a very important role in the management of a Bone Marrow Transplant Patient".
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO Jehangir Hospital said, "Our hospital is one among very few hospitals to have a state of Art Blood Centre and specialized Hematology Division and our team of hematologists have the clinical acumen to diagnose, treat and offer post-treatment care for all blood-related disorders. We understand that Bone Marrow Transplant is a specialized treatment and that such patients need special attention and care. Therefore, we have built the most advanced unit to deliver globally benchmarked outcomes. This treatment requires a well-orchestrated high-end specialty set-up and a team of highly-trained specialists. Without an internationally benchmarked BMT facility and infrastructure, delivering optimum clinical outcomes becomes difficult. Our new department with 3 bedded dedicated Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is at par with global standards, in terms of care, expertise, and facilities".
"At Jehangir Hospital, we always put 'Patient First' and that is what makes us one of the most trusted hospitals of the city. Our mission is the latest medical facility with unmatched care through upgradation in infrastructure and scope. Our goal is to get our patients back to leading full, healthy lives after transplantation. We tailor treatment to suit their needs to achieve the best possible chance for a cure," added Sawantwadkar.
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