Nippon Group Joins IHE to Elevate Food & Hospitality Expo

India International Hospitality Expo to Soar with Strategic Nippon Group Partnership, Unveiling New Era in Food and Hospitality

May 30, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 30: In an exclusive conversation with the PR and media team of the Nippon Group at India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML) office, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman of IEML, announced a landmark partnership with the esteemed Spanish conglomerate Nippon Group of Companies. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the event and exhibition space, elevating the 7th edition of the India International Hospitality Expo (IHE) to unprecedented heights.
Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Kumar and Amit Sawhney, Managing Director of Nippon Global SL, Spain, this collaboration promises to drive substantial growth in the food and hospitality sector, making a significant global impact. Dr. Kumar highlighted Nippon Group's impressive achievements, emphasizing the immense potential of this partnership to advance IHE's goals and enhance the overall exhibition experience.
"Leveraging Nippon Group's extensive presence and expertise across various sectors, including Food & Beverage (F&B), events, education, and sports, this collaboration aims to amplify the scale and impact of IHE," Dr. Kumar stated during the interview.
A key focus of this partnership is revitalizing the food industry. Building on their successes with KIZ Foods Private Limited (India) and Holy Sauce, Nippon Group aims to redefine global culinary standards. With a network spanning over 55 countries and plans to expand to 100, Nippon Group brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Their partnerships with retail giants like Walmart, Woolsworth, and Waldos further solidify their leadership in the industry.
Amit Sawhney expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting Nippon Group's strength in the F&B sector with renowned brands like Spanish Sahiba Olive Oils and Chef Favourite Holy Sauce. "We believe this partnership will attract more F&B players to IHE, elevating the event and signaling the emergence of a new era for the expo," he remarked.
The India International Hospitality Expo is expected to attract over 25,000 visitors from 16 countries and feature 1000+ exhibitors. Dr. Kumar emphasized the event's broad appeal, attracting exhibitors from various sectors including hospitality, HORECA, housekeeping, cloud kitchens, and modern trade.
IHE 2024 and Co-Located Exhibitions Highlights:
1. Exclusive B2B Show
2. Top-Level Decision Makers
3. Global Participation
4. HORECA Food Zone
5. Hospitality Design Zone
6. Hospitality Tech Zone
7. Culinary & Mixology Masterclasses
8. Bakery/Pastry Competition
9. Product Showcase/Live Demonstration Area.
10. Housekeeping Competitions
Sudeep Sarcar, CEO of IEML, stated, "Food has always been a cornerstone of the hospitality sector, and the India International Hospitality Expo (IHE) recognizes its immense importance. We are excited to broaden our IHE Food segment in collaboration with the esteemed Nippon Group, a stalwart in the F&B sector. Our objective is to spotlight the unique flavors, diverse cuisines, and specialty products that India offers, presenting them to a global audience."
With Nippon Group's expertise and support, IHE aims to highlight India's rich culinary heritage and provide a robust platform for F&B businesses to showcase their innovations and connect with international buyers. This collaboration strives to establish IHE as a pivotal platform where F&B exhibitors can gain global recognition and market reach, ultimately propelling Indian F&B products and services onto the global stage.
In conclusion, the partnership between IEML and Nippon Group represents a significant milestone for the exhibition industry. With their shared vision, commitment to excellence, and innovative approach, they are set to redefine the standards of hospitality expositions worldwide.
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