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China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv celebrates 5th founding anniversary

Nov 25, 2022

Jerusalem [Israel], November 25: A concert was held on Thursday at the China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, Israel to celebrate its fifth founding anniversary.
Under the theme of "Love and Friendship," the concert featured a string quartet led by Chinese violinist Liu Yang and piano solos performed by Israeli pianist Einat Fabrikant and an amateur teenage boy separately.
Recalling the nine years she spent in China, Fabrikant said she was impressed by the warm-hearted Chinese people and talented Chinese musicians.
"China was the most welcoming country for me," said Fabrikant, who performed famous Chinese pieces of "My Homeland" and "Liuyang River" at the concert.
Over the past five years, the China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv has hosted plenty of events to promote the Chinese culture and facilitate cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Israel, said Shi Yuewen, director of the center.
The center, inaugurated in November 2017, frequently hosts events including art performances, cultural exhibitions and academic seminars to help Israelis better understand the Chinese culture.
Source: Xinhua