Nepal hosts chanting ceremony of Buddhist scriptures, Tripitaka

Nov 19, 2019

Kathmandu (Nepal), Nov 19 (ANI): Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha echoed with the verses of Tripitaka, the traditional Buddhists scriptures, as about one thousand Buddhist pilgrims from 25 countries including India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Nepal chanted the Tripitaka for three days to mark the 2nd episode of Tripitaka chanting ceremony. The first session of chanting ceremony was held in 2018 in which about 700 monks and nuns participated from 18 countries. The Tripitaka, which holds high significance in Buddhism is an elite text and is lesser- known among people. The organizers claim that such events would help in making people aware of the scriptures as well as give them spiritual stimulation and motivate them to live with peace and tranquillity. The three-day event started with chanting from Sutrapitak, followed by verses from Tripitak chanted by participants in their own languages and styles. The second day of the ceremony witnessed the chanting of Abidhamapitak, led by monks from Myanmar, and followed by monks from Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, China, and others. On the third day of the the spiritual session, the monks from Thailand and Cambodia chanted Binaypitak which concluded with the lighting of candles in the holy garden of Maya Devi Temple.