Army establishes communication centre for locals in Budgam. (Photo/ANI)

JK: Army establishes communication centre to help locals in Budgam

Aug 23, 2019

Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 23 (ANI): Army here have established 'Awaam Communication Centre' for the residents in order to help them communicate with their family and friends via telephone facilities.
Due to the prevailing situation, all communication facilities like mobile phone and landline phone services have been blocked by the authorities here. Although some landline phone facilities were restored in some parts of Srinagar, the majority of the facilities still remain blocked.
"People are coming here in order to communicate with their loved ones. Many people might not even know about this new initiative by the Army so they should be made aware of this facility for their own benefit. The Army here is very cooperative," said Mubashir Malik, a resident while speaking to ANI.
Locals here hailed the communication services operated by the Army personnel, which is indeed helping the residents in many ways.
"This initiative is of great help to all the locals here. I have been utilizing this facility for two-three days now. I am able to talk to my love-ones as there are no restrictions on call timings here. If we call from other places, they have a restricted call-timing for about 20 to 30 seconds, which is very irritating," said Furkaan Ahmad, a local.
The communication center here is being operated in open camps where the locals are provided with a proper seating facility while talking on call. (ANI)