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Former Bush official urges Latinos to vote Trump out, saying GOP has 'lost control of the monster they helped create'

Sep 19, 2019

New York (USA) Sept 19: A former official in the George W. Bush administration has penned a Washington Post op-ed urging "fellow Latinos" to vote President Trump out of office, saying Republicans have "lost control of the monster they helped create."
Abel Guerra, who served as an associate director of public liaison in the Bush White House, also characterized the GOP as a party that condones racism and "looks away while the current president degrades our community and destroys America."
"I know a little about this," Guerra wrote in his piece, published Wednesday. "I am a Republican. I worked in the George W. Bush White House. And I say to my fellow Latinos: I'm not asking you to become a Democrat. But I am asking you to vote President Trump out of office."
Guerra cited Trump's rhetoric and the mass shooting that left 22 dead last month at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart. The suspected shooter drove from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the border city to target Mexicans in the Aug. 3 massacre.
In his manifesto, he warned of a Latino "invasion" of Texas.
El Paso sits across from Cuidad Juarez in Mexico. Many critics of the current administration have blamed Trump for inciting hatred toward Hispanics and immigrants through his policies and incendiary political-rally rhetoric.
"From Day 1, Trump spewed his white-supremacist views, promising to halt the invasion of immigrants and spurring a rhetoric of resentment and retaliation against the 'other.' No matter our background, we have been vilified as invaders, marked as illegal and degraded as subhuman. The silence from prominent Republicans is deafening," Guerra wrote.
He urged Republicans to "dust off their moral compass" and remember what the party stands for. He said the GOP could suffer heavy losses in Congress if it chooses to stand by this president.
Hispanics are expected to be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the 2020 electorate, with 32 million eligible voters, according to the Pew Research Center.
Trump won 29 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2016 presidential election.
Source: Fox News